“Such a great experience for
the kids—they all wanted to
stay and talk about it.”
— High school band director

Skype Rehearsals

Modern technology has given us the ability to connect live, regardless of where we are: I can be sitting in my studio, answering questions from your students in your rehearsal room!

Here’s what one band director said recently:

“I love that this experience provides so much more
[insight and an] opportunity for kids to better
understand the piece.”

How we spend our time is completely up to you. I can:

  • talk about the story behind a particular piece

  • listen to you play/sing and provide feedback

  • answer questions about my background or
    compositional process

  • give advice for musicians on music careers

  • and much more

For me, this is a way to give back to music education. I truly enjoy connecting with musicians around the country—in high schools, honor groups, and colleges—and I'm continually amazed by the thoughtful questions and stories that students share when we Skype.

In my experience, this can be a great way for young musicians to connect with a living composer, hear more about the music they’re performing, and ask questions directly to the composer.

Want to schedule a Skype session?

Contact me for rates and to schedule a time:

Or call me at 315-791-2483.