NWS at the Forefront of Orchestral Innovation

When I lived in Miami for 5 years, one of my favorite destinations was the New World Symphony. I loved watching the youthful and energetic musicians play the heck out of often very interesting and innovative programs.   And of course, Michael Tilson Thomas is a superstar and there was a lot to be learned from watching him (and hearing his remarks on the music).  And, major guests artists abound at NWS, adding a whole new dimension to the orchestra.

NWS has always been at the forefront of orchestral innovation, and so their relatively new "Pulse" series of late night concert events for younger audiences is not that surprising.  They are consistently coming up with interesting and innovative ideas to engage audiences, push boundaries, and offer a really fantastic product for the Miami audiences.

There is no doubt that Miami is very fortunate to have the NWS and all it's leadership in town.  Here is an article from the Miami Herald on the "Pulse" program.