Teaching music students through a composer residency is one of my favorite parts of my work. I love collaborating with other musicians, and enjoy traveling to schools to talk about music, coach rehearsals, share a behind-the-scenes look at my creative process, and answer questions. And in the 21st century, a residency might mean an in-person visit or jumping on Skype or FaceTime (see more about that here).

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Each residency is unique, and I work with you to tailor it to your school. A residency may be a dress rehearsal and concert, a one-day workshop, or a 2-4 day series of events. I’ve collaborated with high schools, colleges, community ensembles and worked with choirs, composition students, saxophone students, orchestras, wind bands, entrepreneurship + music business classes.

What does a residency include?

It varies depending on the host and their needs. I’m always open to new ideas, so feel free to make suggestions! Here are a few things I’ve done in the past: 


  • Coach wind ensemble or concert band as they rehearse and perform my music

  • Interact with students, answer questions, and share my experiences

  • Speak to the audience at the performance


  • Speak to classes and/or groups about my experience as a music entrepreneur and the skills I use to run my business as a freelance composer and music publisher

  • Answer questions about music careers and how to create a sustainable career in music

  • Offer insight into the importance of networking, self-promotion, use of social media and the web, creative thinking, and leadership in the arts

  • Share advice and tips that I offer my students at the Eastman School of Music


  • Meet with composition students, one-on-one or in a group setting to review student works or share some of my own experience

  • Offer whatever help I can, from practical advice to musical development


  • Coach choir as they rehearse my music

  • Provide insight into my compositional process and explain my interpretation of the text


  • Coach vocalists and instrumentalists as they rehearse and perform my music

Why consider a residency?

Residencies provide a valuable opportunity for collaboration and conversation about new music, performance, and music entrepreneurship among both faculty and students. Residencies also add value to your community through opportunities to engage with local schools, businesses, and concert audience members. 

Residencies help create a richer musical experience for all involved.


Great! Fill out the form below to get started. We’ll discuss your goals and ideas, related fees, and talk about our schedules. Looking forward to working with you!