The Rose

My Favorite Christmas Carols/Songs (Part III)

Welcome to day 3, the final day of the Christmas Carol/Song list.  Miss the previous posts in this series?  Catch up here and here. Before we get to the songs of the day, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  And today, on the final day of the list, you get a BONUS track - three selections!  Let's get started.

Traditional Pick of the Day - Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming

There's not much to say about "Lo, How a Rose" except that when it's done right, it will take your breath away.  It is a carol of German origin, and here is a wonderful recording with the German text by the Monteverdi Choir.

Guilty Pleasure Pick of the Day - Silver Bells - The Temptations

Family trips in the car to Vermont every Christmas pretty much consisted of my brother and I fighting the entire time, and listening to the Temptations Christmas tape.

Yes kids, that's right, I said "tape."

We had a cassette tape, and man did we get our money's worth out of that thing.  Here is the Temptations singing a classic Christmas song.  It just brings warmth to your heart and a smile to your face!

BONUS TRACK!! - Lo, How a Rose/The Rose

This is a unique arrangement of "Lo, How a Rose" and "The Rose," an Amanda McBroom song made famous by Bette Midler. This makes the list because "The Rose" is actually my mother's favorite song - and for good reason - it's a beautiful song.  So, Mom - this one is for you!

(P.S. As a composer I must give my two cents here for a moment - I think the arrangement could have done more integrating the two songs, one on top of another, instead of simply dovetailing the phrases of one song with the other.  But, it's still a fun piece.  Ok, off my composer soapbox.)