giving back

Giving Back

Today I made a small donation to each of the two schools where I studied (University of Miami Frost School of MusicEastman School of Music). I have donated in the past, but rather irregularly, and now I'm making a commitment to donate every year.  I think this is important, because both these institutions provided me with so many opportunities, so many experiences, and so much learning which have all proved invaluable.  I recognize how much I gained from these experiences, and I want to make sure those opportunities exist for many students in the future.

It may sound a little corny, but I really believe that if everyone gave back a very small amount, it would have a huge impact on these institutions (and future generations of students).   Sometimes those 7:00pm dinner time calls from cheerful student fundraisers seem contrived, but one thing they say is definitely true - any amount you can give makes a difference.

So if you can, give back.