The Greatest Goal

Yesterday I posted about presenting a preschool music program to an enthusiastic audience of 56(!) little children (see here).  It was fun and rewarding on many levels, and it made me think about my own musical experiences as a child.  Music was a huge part of my childhood, and continued to be a very present and important part of my life throughout my schooling.  Ultimately, it was passionate and inspiring teachers who sparked my creativity and made me want to pursue music as a career.  Working with the preschoolers - their wonderfully imaginative and curious minds - made me think about perhaps my greatest goal as a musician: to inspire others to love music as much as I do.  Ever since I realized the impact that those wonderful teachers of mine had on me, I knew that my greatest goal would be to pass on that inspiration and hopefully spark an interest in others to pursue music.  By inspire, I mean provide a spark on any level - not necessarily inspire someone to pursue a life in music.  Rather, it could be as simple as planting a seed of interest in taking private music lessons. I think the greatest gift I have received as a student of music, both as a child and an adult, has been the inspiration of great teachers and mentors. Their passion, their desire for excellence, their creativity, and their love for music has always been a source of inspiration for me. So, my greatest goal is to hopefully be that inspiration for someone else.