My Favorite Christmas Carols/Songs (Part I)

For the next three days, I'm going to offer up some of my favorite Christmas carols and songs, and try to include some great recordings of them.  Each day I'm going to try to include 1 of my favorite traditional carols or songs, and 1 "guilty pleasure." Enjoy!

Traditional Pick of the Day - "Once in Royal David's City."

What better way to start this list?  A profound and beautiful carol that is so peaceful - definitely one of my favorites.

Guilty Pleasure Pick of the Day - "River" - Sarah McLachlan 

River is a beautiful song written by the legendary folk singer Joni Mitchell. Sarah McLachlan (whose voice I really like) sings what I think is a captivating version of the song.

It is one of those songs that automatically transports me to another place - childhood. Christmas time specifically. It's funny because I didn't really listen to this song much until a couple of years ago, but when I listen to the song it makes me think of my childhood. I guess the song has a bit of a nostalgic tone to it...and I certainly have fond memories of childhood Christmas expectation, joy and peace.