Pieces You Can Premiere! (Part I)

I have a few pieces lurking out there in my catalog that have actually never been performed. While most of the time I am writing a new piece for a specific ensemble, group of ensembles, or particular event, sometimes I write a piece simply because I want to.  In the case of the latter, sometimes I will send the finished piece to groups who I think may be interested.  Other times, I just hold onto the piece.

One of those pieces is a work for Men's Choir (TTBB) and English Horn titled "From Our Happy Home."

It is a Christmas-themed piece, although I wrote it last summer when I stumbled upon a wonderful text by Louisa May Alcott.  I felt like the text called for a fun and lighthearted setting, and so I chose men's choir and the beautiful (but also witty) english horn to accompany them.  The piece is 3 minutes long - bursting with fun and energy throughout.  After I wrote the piece last summer, I added it to my website and moved onto the next project.

So, thinking well ahead of the 2012 Holiday Season - you can purchase the music and have yourself the premiere performance!  Contact me if you are interested.