men's choir

"From Our Happy Home" Now Available through Colla Voce!

My men's choir (TTBB unaccompanied) piece "From Our Happy Home" with text by Louisa May Alcott is now published and available through Colla Voce Music here!  You can order the octavos directly from Colla Voce, and the piece will soon be available on JW Pepper.   If you are looking for a fun Christmas-themed men's choir piece, check it out! You can see the full score on the Colla Voce page here.

Pieces You Can Premiere! (Part I)

I have a few pieces lurking out there in my catalog that have actually never been performed. While most of the time I am writing a new piece for a specific ensemble, group of ensembles, or particular event, sometimes I write a piece simply because I want to.  In the case of the latter, sometimes I will send the finished piece to groups who I think may be interested.  Other times, I just hold onto the piece.

One of those pieces is a work for Men's Choir (TTBB) and English Horn titled "From Our Happy Home."

It is a Christmas-themed piece, although I wrote it last summer when I stumbled upon a wonderful text by Louisa May Alcott.  I felt like the text called for a fun and lighthearted setting, and so I chose men's choir and the beautiful (but also witty) english horn to accompany them.  The piece is 3 minutes long - bursting with fun and energy throughout.  After I wrote the piece last summer, I added it to my website and moved onto the next project.

So, thinking well ahead of the 2012 Holiday Season - you can purchase the music and have yourself the premiere performance!  Contact me if you are interested.