Recent and Upcoming Performances

I feel very fortunate that works of mine are being performed throughout the country this month.  Here are some bullets to summarize:

  • On October 7th, the Illinois State University Symphonic Band, conducted by Dan Belongia, performed Goodnight, Goodnight.
  • This past Sunday, October 14th marked the premiere performance of Filled with His Voice by the Bethel College Concert Choir, conducted by William Eash.
  • Last night, October 16th, Lauda was performed by the Texas Christian University Wind Symphony, conducted by Bobby Francis.
  • Tomorrow night, October 18th, Distant Moons will be performed by the University of Connecticut Wind Ensemble, conducted by Jeffrey Renshaw.
  • This Sunday I will be in Hot Springs, Arkansas for a performance of Goodnight, Goodnight by the Hot Springs Concert Band, conducted by Craig Hamilton.
  • On November 30th, Lauda will be performed by the Bob Jones University Symphony Wind Band conducted by Dan Turner.

Thank you to all these wonderful ensembles and conductors for performing my work!