Sneak Peek: "Winter Song" for Flute and String Orchestra

Yes, it is Spring, and yes I am working on a piece called “Winter Song.” But, I live in Rochester, NY, so it is basically Winter all year long here – cut me some slack. This new piece is for my good friend Chung Park, Director of Orchestral Studies at Appalachian State University. It is written for flute and string orchestra that uses material from a piece I wrote a few years ago for flute and marimba. I liked much of the material I originally wrote, but recently, I felt like strings would be a better fit, and decided to take the opportunity to revise and improve the ideas.

An important harmonic element in the piece is a sonority that I really enjoy – major 7th chords in various voicings. The main chord structure that helps inform the harmonic progression of the work is a series of two fifths, stacked on top of each other, separated in the middle by a half step (i.e. C, G and Ab, Eb). I use this sonority throughout and move the chord by fifths, sequentially, through all twelve keys.

Here is a rough MIDI export of the first 3 ½ minutes:

[audio http://www.stevedanyew.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Winter_Song_midi.mp3]

A/B Duo to Perform Marimba/Flute Piece on Tour

The A/B duo, a collaboration between flutist Meerenai Shim and percussionist Chris Jones, is presenting a three-performance Southern tour February 15-18.  They will be including my piece, Hers Was a Beautiful Soul for marimba and flute on their programs.  You can find out more about the A/B duo and their tour here.

February 15, 2013 Jacksonville, FL University of North Florida

February 17, 2013 Atlanta, GA Poem 88 with Chamber Cartel

February 18, 2013 Columbus, GA RiverCenter for the Performing Arts