Thanks for the Music, James Horner

My dad introduced me to the music of film music composer James Horner when I was a kid and I always loved the emotional power and lyricism of his music.  To this day, my favorite movie is Field of Dreams, in large part due to the soundtrack.  There is so much beauty and depth in this music, and I will always look back on it as some of the inspiration that made me want to create my own music.

Garbage Trucks that Blast Classical Music!

Yes, I thought the same thing - AWESOME! In Taiwan, garbage trucks play music (mostly classical!) to let residents know the truck is en route to pickup their garbage. Residents need to hand deliver the garbage to the truck instead of leaving it on the sidewalk.  So, the music alerts them that it is "time to take out the trash."  Great stuff!

Music continues to make the world a better, cleaner place!

Watch the action below and Read more here.