Recap: 2011

I like to think that I am always forging ahead, ready to dive into the next project, learn from new experiences, etc.  But, every now and then it is good to look back and evaluate our path, make goals and strategies for the future, and put things in perspective. 2011 was a great year in many ways.

First and foremost, I married a loving, caring, and musical(!) woman whom I can't imagine living without.  I also composed a bunch of new works, and looking back, I'm pretty happy with them! That is always good - not having to burn too much music!  I saw many friends and colleagues throughout the year, and made wonderful new acquaintances.  Dedicated performers and conductors put a wealth of time, energy, and musicality into performances of my music this year, and I'm grateful for their passion.

Here are the new pieces I composed in 2011 (in date order, oldest to newest):

Distant Moons - Wind Ensemble

Arise & Sing  - SATB Choir

Once More, My Soul - SATB Choir & Piano

From Our Happy Home - TTBB Choir & English Horn

Praise My Soul, the King of Heaven - Cello & Violin (coming soon to the website!)

A Song of Singing - SATB Choir, Piano, Timpani, Brass Ensemble

The Star Spangled Banner - Arrangement for Chamber Orchestra (coming soon to the website!)

This Song of Mine - SA Choir & Piano

Stay tuned for 2012 plans!