symphony no- 2 mahler

Why I Love Music (Part I)

The other day I realized at least one reason why I really love music, and so I thought I would create a little series of posts on this topic. So, without further ado: #1: Music is not a material thing.

This is the thought that started this whole idea for me. I realized that amongst all the material goods that surround us (i.e. smartphones, computers, cars, houses, gadgets) there is music - just sound waves traveling through the air. Sure, you can record it and turn it into a tangible, possibly material thing, but that's not the point. The point is that music exists on a wavelength totally separate from our material-obsessed society.

When we sit there and marvel at the beauty of a piece of music, we aren't marveling at its monetary value, shiny exterior, or sex appeal. We are enamored solely with the sound itself and how it makes us feel. In our society today, we really have to dig our way through the material-saturated culture to find those things which possess inherent value beyond a tangible state. As our world grows even more focused on material items, music will remain. If all of our material things vanish, music will remain.

Stay tuned for Part II.

PS. I realized a piece of music to illustrate my point was probably in order. Thus, I give you Mahler.