Six Little Songs (Voice & Piano)


Six Little Songs (Voice & Piano)


Six Little Songs is my third song cycle, in which I set six short poems written by my wife, Ashley.

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Medium Voice and Piano
Year of Composition: 2017
Length: 9 Minutes
Text Author: Ashley Danyew

These are short songs, all 1-2 minutes in length that aim to illuminate the moment(s) that are described in each of the short poems. Here are details of the inspiration of each poem, from Ashley:

The Letters - a poem about the letters Steve and I wrote to each other the summer after we first met, when we were living on opposite sides of the country.

Academy Hill - a poem about a quiet hilltop park in the small Massachusetts town where we lived just after graduate school. (The place where Steve proposed.)

Orchard - a reflective poem about our visit to a small, family-owned apple orchard in Central Massachusetts one Sunday afternoon in early fall. It was a quiet, grey day, and the owners invited us to wander through the orchard as long as we liked.

Thanksgiving - a poem about our travels to visit Steve's family in Connecticut for our annual Thanksgiving gathering. 

The Chase - a playful poem about the sun and the moon and a reflection on how fast time moves (especially when you’re in love).

The Man in the Moon - a poem about childhood memories and the mystery of a moonlit night.

Academy Hill

Quiet footsteps
Softened light
Sharing silence
In the nearing night.

Grassy hilltop
Trees parting ways
Stately mountain
In full winter display.

Branches bare
Sky, a cool grey
Lake still glowing
With the end of day.

December 12, 2011


Sunday afternoon,
grey skies, 
green grass.
Orchard trees,
boughs bowed
apples ripe and red.
Slow steps,
soft glances.
This is timelessness.

September 27, 2010


Grey November.
Traveling across simple landscapes.

Gathered together.
Singing around the piano.

Giving thanks.
Children sharing paper hearts.
Love is enough.

December 22, 2012

The Chase

He chases the sun
By night and by day.
And though yet to catch her,
Resists all dismay.

She chases the moon
By day and by night.
And so they continue–
Perpetual delight.

November 12, 2010

The Letters

The letters I keep
In white envelopes.
Small pieces of time
On handwritten sheets.

Parts of you I keep
To find small glimpses
Of life now distant
You were here with me.

January 17, 2010

The Man in the Moon

He comes at night
With faded clouds
With silver stars
Gleaming and proud.

He takes his seat
Above this view
The world asleep
Light shining through.

Do you see him–
The man in the moon?
He comes at night
He’ll be here soon.

November 12, 2010