Winter Song (Chamber Winds & Solo Flute)

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Winter song winds cover graphic.jpg
Winter song winds instrumentation page.jpg

Winter Song (Chamber Winds & Solo Flute)

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This piece is based on one of my favorite sonorities – the major 7th chord. Throughout the piece, I use different voicings of the chord to create harmonies and textures that are sometimes stark, and other times beautiful, reflecting the varying landscapes of winter. The music near the end of the piece moves towards spring, inspired by the simple bird call of the Black-capped Chickadee. 

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Chamber Winds and Flute
Year of Composition: 2018
Length: 9:00 

Program Note

Winter can, at times, present us with spectacular beauty – snow covered landscapes glistening in the morning sunlight. Other times, winter can be bleak and unforgiving. When I think of winter scenes, I mostly think of a stillness and quietness that is often not found other times of the year. I try in some way to reflect all of these sights and feelings in Winter Song. There is much stillness and starkness in the music throughout, but at times the music grows intense and dramatic, especially as the work leads to a climax in the middle of the piece. After this point, we hear the beginnings of a familiar bird call (the black capped Chickadee), perhaps a sign of spring. The quiet and stark music begins to grow warmer at the end, hinting at the gradual relenting of winter and the unfolding of spring. Winter Song for chamber winds and solo flute was commissioned in 2018 by Sam Houston State University and conductor Brian Gibbs.