Saxophone Quartet No. 2 to be Recorded by the Iridium Saxophone Quartet on the Blue Griffin Label


Exciting news! My Saxophone Quartet No. 2: Chant will be recorded this coming May by the Iridium Saxophone Quartet.  The CD release is planned for Fall 2016 on the Blue Griffin Label.  Stay tuned!

Naxos Release! "Lauda" Recorded by Illinois State Wind Symphony

I'm very excited to announce the release of a new CD on the Naxos label, featuring my work "Lauda," recorded by the Illinois State University Wind Symphony!   The CD features works by living composers, conducted by Daniel A. Belongia. Listen to and download the recording on iTunes and Naxos.  The CD is also available from retailers.

New Video Recordings on YouTube!

Live concert recording of the University of North Texas Wind Symphony performing Magnolia Star:

Live concert recording of the Iowa State University Symphonic Band performing Goodnight, Goodnight:

Live concert recording of the Texas Tech Concert Band performing Adagietto:


"Chorale Variations" Released on Escape Ten Album "Colours of a Groove"

The percussion duo Escape Ten recently released its debut album "Colours of a Groove" which features a work of mine that they commissioned in 2013 - Chorale Variations.  You can listen to the album on CD Baby and iTunes.  Enjoy! About Chorale Variations Chorale Variations is comprised of five short movements, all variations on an original chorale theme, which appears in the second movement. It incorporates a range of musical styles: from lighthearted, dance-like passages to lyrical solo lines. It takes advantage of the wide range of sonic possibilities that the marimba presents with music that is warm, rich, and vibrant.

"This Song of Mine" Recording Now Posted

In April, "This Song of Mine" for women's choir and piano was premiered by the Houghton College Women's Choir conducted by my friend David Horace Davies.  David recently sent me the live recording from their premiere and it is wonderful (listen below)!  His direction of the piece and the sensitivity of the singing is just beautiful.  "This Song of Mine" is a simple lullaby, and I love the way this performance portrayed the piece.  Bravo David and the Houghton College Women's Choir! [audio]

Houghton College Women's Choir David Horace Davies, Conductor Live Concert Recording - April 2012