Goodnight, Goodnight (String Orchestra)

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Goodnight strings page.jpg

Goodnight, Goodnight (String Orchestra)


Goodnight, Goodnight for strings is a captivating, chorale-like piece that showcases the string orchestra’s colors and expressive qualities – sure to become a favorite for ensemble and audience member alike!

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Grade 4 - String Orchestra (Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Contrabass)
Year of Arrangement: 2016
Length: 5:00 

Program Note

Goodnight, Goodnight was originally written in 2008 as a work for unaccompanied mixed choir. The text for the piece was written by my wife Ashley, who I had just met a few months prior to writing this piece. I expressed interest in writing my first choral work, and Ashley offered to write a poem that I could use as the text.

This is the first of a number of such collaborations where Ashley has written a text that I have set to music. The text tells the story of our phone conversations while we were spending the summer of 2008 on opposite sides of the country.

This arrangement for string orchestra was written in the fall of 2016 for Matthew Mulvaney and the Mira Mesa High School Orchestra, San Diego, California. Also available for Wind Band here

Goodnight, Goodnight by Ashley Danyew

Sun sets low beneath the sky
Leaves all in golden state
Stars glow at edge of twilight
And here I stay, your words await

Goodnight, Goodnight

Sky a shade of midnight blue
Moon in its glowing fate
The world at peace is a calming view
And here I stay, your words await

Goodnight, Goodnight

Distance leaves us far apart
So at midnight if I may
Wish upon the brightest star
And hear your voice so softly say

Goodnight, Goodnight

Copyright 2008, Ashley Danyew