Adagietto (Wind Band)


Adagietto (Wind Band)

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Grade 4

Based on an original chorale tune and inspired by Grainger’s Irish Tune from County Derry (one of my favorite pieces), this work is a simple yet powerful piece with a soaring melody and rich harmonies.

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Grade 4 – Wind Band
Year of Composition: 2014
Length: 5:00 

Program Note

The music for Adagietto is based on an original chorale tune I wrote in 2013. During that year, I attended a performance of Grainger’s Irish Tune from County Derry and was reminded of the profound impact the work had on me when I first performed it in high school. Since that time, it has always been one of my favorite pieces for band. I thought back to my chorale tune and realized that the music could work well for band and I started to see a number of similarities between my tune and Grainger’s work.

The complete chorale tune in Adagietto is 31 bars (Irish Tune’s is 32), so I decided to model the form of Adagietto after the structure of Irish Tune. The brass and low woodwinds begin the work with a statement of the theme. Then, the upper woodwinds present the first half of the theme, which leads to the climax. At this point, the form departs from the Grainger somewhat, with the inclusion of an additional section and a plagal cadence at the end of the work. Like Irish Tune, the sound is rich and full, with simple melodies that soar above lush textures. 

In a way, I suppose Adagietto is a tribute to Grainger and Irish Tune, and a tribute to a piece of music that has had an immeasurable influence on me as a musician.